Top 4 Most Usefull ggplot Extensions.

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Hello everybody. In this post, I will show you top fives most usefull ggplot extensions for data visualization. Data visualization is the most important step for data analysis task. Data visualization can make everyone understanding about the data much easier. Ggplot one of the most popular tools for data visualization. I prefer using ggplot than base R function to make graph, because ggplot more easy, and readable code.

About Ggplot.

Source: Wikipedia.

1. gganimate.

This is the best choice for the animating diagram / graph. with this package you can make a bar chart race, timeline mapping and moving scratterplot.

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2. esquisse.

This is the best packages to make a graph without coding. This package allows you to explore and visualizing your data interactively. This package can draw bar charts, curves, scatter plots, histograms, boxplot and sf objects, then export the graph or retrieve the code to reproduce the graph.

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3. ggrepel.

Ggrepel provides geoms for ggplot to repel overlapping text labels. By using this package, you can make overlapping text label more clean.

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4. ggally.

If you working with much column in your dataset. I often use this package to create pairwise plot matrix, a scatterplot plot matrix, a parallel coordinates plot, and a survival plot.

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