PUBG Mobile Pro League SEA Season 2 Scrapping and Analysis Using R.

Hello, everybody. In this post, I will show you about PUBG Mobile Pro League SEA Season 2 Scrapping and Analysis Using R. This data collected by scrapping from Liquipedia page. I do scrapping (on October 29, 2020) and analysis in R using tidyverse, ggdark and rvest package.

Picture by PUBG Mobile Esport Instagram.

Loading library, scrapping and Prepare Data.

Because I only do scrapp on single page, so I don’t need to make a function. In the data preparation step, I added a new column, namely placement points based on team placement for each round and total points (kill + placement point).

The data have been prepared can be seen below.


In this section, I transform the data into a graph/plot to make easier to understand.

From the Line chart above, it can be seen that the team competition in rounds 4 to 11 is very tight, but the first position can still be maintained by Aerowolf Limax (AW LIMAX) from Indonesia and finished in 2nd place. Team Secret Jin (TSJ) from Thailand won 4 times WWCD managed to finish in position 3, Team Bigetron Red Aliens (BTR RA) from Indonesia became the champion of PUBG Mobile Pro League SEA Season 2 with WWCD 4 times.

The team with the most consistent position in the upper (lower better) placement was Aerowolf Limax. Out of 15 rounds, 11 of them were in the top five, although without WWCD this team was able to occupy the Runner Up.

Based on the barchart above, Bigetron Red Aliens became a champion with 197 points, which is a big difference from the Runner Up Aerowolf Limax points. The top 5 teams received an invitation to an even bigger tournament, the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC). The global tournament was attended by the best teams from each region, including China, Korea-Japan, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe and America.

From the top 5 teams, Aerowolf Limax excels in overall placement points, while Bigetron Red Aliens excels in total kills. Both of these teams are from Indonesia and must be watched out for by other teams in the next PMGC tournament.

From this tournament, the teams with higher placements (lower better) have relatively more kills. Overall, each round the team only got kills under 10, only a few got more than 10 kills.

Bigetron Red Aliens in a certain round reached nearly 20 kills. Even the 5 rounds played got more than 10 kills. The greatness of the Bigetron Red Aliens team in getting kills was extraordinary. Very deserving of the title of champion.

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