Mr. President of Indonesia Twitter Analysis Using Orange.

Hello Everyone. Before you read this post. I have disclaimer.

I have no affiliation with any group, party and organization. I made this article with the intention to gain knowledge about what Mr. President talked about on Twitter. The current President of Indonesia (Oct. 2019) named is Mr. Jokowi. I state that the results of the analysis are real, I do not manipulate data.

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

Okay. I used Orange Data Mining to help do this. Orange is an open source machine learning and data visualization for novice and expert. Interactive data analysis workflows with a large toolbox.

To do an analysis, you first need to get an API key and an API secret. You can get this on the Twitter developer page.

Here are the twitter crawler settings that I use. I crawled the last 200 tweets of Mr. Jokowi on October 14, 2019.

From this tweet, I preprocessed text to eliminate unnecessary characters such as punctuation, conjunctions, urls, etc. I also transformed into a lowercase. After doing the word transformation, I display words that are most used using the word cloud.

From the above process we can get insight that the word ‘Indonesia’, ‘Selamat’ and ‘Jalan’ is most used by Mr. Jokowi in his tweets. To see the context of the use of words in a tweet, you can use Concordance as below. I use ‘Indonesia’ word for example.

We can see there are 22 tweets that display the use of the word ‘Indonesia’. We can also see the emotions / profile in every tweet of Mr. Jokowi using the Tweet Profiler below.

We can find out, there are 188 tweets with Joy’s profile, 10 of them are Surprise, Anger and Fear are 1 each.

Thank You .

Amri Rohman.
Sidoarjo, East Java, ID.

Love sport science and bussines statistics, Indonesian.