Motogp Season 2014–2019 Scrapping and Analysis Using R.

Hello, everybody. In this post, I will show you about MotoGP race scrapping and analysis from Season 2014–2019. This data collected by scrapping from MotoGP page. I do scrapping (on October 13, 2020) and analysis in R using tidyverse and rvest package.

Loading Library, Create Function and Prepare Data.

Before I started, we need to loading library first. I use tidyverse, rvest and janitor. After that, I made function to do scrapping from the site. After the functions done, it’s time to store raw data into a data frame format. The raw data isn’t ready to analysis, I need to cleaning this data and modified some column/variable. I also save this data to csv format.

The data have been prepared can be seen below.


In this sectoion, I transform the data into a graph/plot to make easier to understand.

In season 2014 until 2017 MotoGP has 18 Race (or Grand Prix), but in 2018 and 2019 has 19.

From the heatmap above, Marc Marquez dominate the MotoGP race. Valentino Rossi has underperformed from season to season.

From the heatmap above, Repsol Honda Team (Marc Marquez Team) dominate the MotoGP race.

From the picture above, MotoGP event relatively consistent. The event always start in April until December.

From the heatmap above, Marc Marquez always win in every circuit except Red Bull Ring Circuit. Marc Marquez mostly win from Sachsenring Circuit, Circuit of the America and Motorland Aragon.

In total, from season 2014 until 2019 Marc Marquez win the Grand Prix 51 times without team change. Following by Jorge Lorenzo from FIAT Yamaha and Ducati Team and Andrea Dovizioso from Mission Winnow Ducati and Ducati Team.

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Amri Rohman.
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Love sport science and bussines statistics, Indonesian.