Boom Esport Grand Final In Every Dota 2 Tournaments.

Hello, Everybody. In the previous post, I show you about dota 2 tournament (Grand Final Round) in general. In this post, I will show you in a specific team. That is Boom Esport (or Boom ID).

About Boom Esport.

Souce: Yahoo News

Boom Esports, formerly known as Boom ID, is an esports organization that was founded in November 2016. They are also active in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. On January 30th, 2017, the organization entered the Dota 2 scene. On September 13, 2019, it changed its name from Boom ID to Boom Esports.

Source: Liquidpedia.

About dataset.

This data collected by scrapping from the Liquidpedia Tournament page. I am done scrapping (in July 23, 2020) and analysis in R uses tidyverse, rvest and cowplot package (read previous post). In this data set the last tournament followed by Boom was BTS Pro Series Season 2: Southeast Asia.


Boom mostly meets Evos in Tournament and always win the Grand Final. Following by Geek Fam (GF) and PG Barrack (BrX). In the Grand Final round Fnatic and Adroit never lose against Boom in Grand Final.

In the Grand Final round, Boom wins the game in 5 times and lose 11 times.

Boom in year to year get in Grand Final relatively increase in Total 16 times.

Boom in top 6 highest prize pool tournaments (not including ESL Indonesia Championship S1) doesn’t win the game and just become a runner up.

Table of Boom Grand Final since 2017

Recently, Boom has followed the higher tier levels of the tournament than before and get to the Grand Final round.

Thank You.

Amri Rohman.
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Love sport science and bussines statistics, Indonesian.